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PlantBox has been designed to transform neutral or uninspiring spaces into green and inviting indoor and outdoor environments. Plants are great for people they provide the oxygen we need to live but more than that, they create a sense of calm and serenity severely lacking from our modern lives. People love plants because they make us feel at one with nature and connected to the world around us. What could be nicer than to surround yourself with lush foliage, brightly coloured flowers or an edible harvest in a PlantBox vertical garden?

We are sure you will love this stackable and modular, easy to install affordable living wall system that features self-contained irrigation, made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic and will last for years.

PlantBox is a vertical garden living wall system which gives you the opportunity to grow lots of plants even in the smallest of spaces. The planting troughs are only 15cm deep so they won’t take up a lot of space on you patio and allow you to make the most of you vertical surfaces by planting lots of plants – 33 in every square metre in fact! More plants will mean better air quality and better biodiversity helping to support ecosystems that are important for pollinators like bumblebees.

So if you have a drab courtyard, an uninspiring kitchen, a boring living room, an ugly fence or a shed you would rather not sit and look at why not grow a beautiful and easy to look after living green wall that will brighten you day make you want to get outside!

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Unit dimensions600mm x 200mm x 150mm

Fully loaded weight70kgs per m2

Base material100% recycled polypropylene

Trough depth200mm

Reservoir capacity1.8L

Recommended support structuresTreated timber (plywood), aluminum, steel, masonry, concrete

Recommended fixingsPlywood (wood screws), Aluminum/steel (8.8 bolts),
Masonry/concrete (Resin anchors) – 2 fixings per trough

Plants per m233 plants (8.33 troughs per m2

Pot sizeAnything up to 13cm (1 LTR) – 4 plants per trough

Design life>10+ years

Compost typePeat-free multi use – 4-5L compost per trough

Nutrient feedDrip feed or slow release pellet into substrate

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