Living Walls for Hotels & Resorts

Add a luxurious touch to your establishment with our living walls for hotels & resorts. Communicate your eco-friendly ethos and provide an enchanting customer experience with one of our bespoke exterior or internal green walls.

Here at Living Walls UK, we are delighted to have worked on inspiring projects across the globe. No matter where your hotel is based, we can install a beautiful, luscious green wall, with stunning flowers and foliage, which creates a big visual statement in your hotel. Not only do our living walls for hotels & resorts look incredible, but they will make your business one step closer to being carbon neutral, which is imperative for brands all around the world today.

Benefits associated with living walls for hotels and resorts:
  • Great for enhancing the look of your hotels, making them very Instagram worthy!
  • Boost your eco-efforts and your brand’s green credentials
  • Ensure your hotel offers a pure environment, with clear air and low sound levels
  • Inspire customers and enhance the experience that your guests have
  • Encourage relaxation, peace, and true serenity

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    Use interactive living walls to provide the perfect hotel environment

    Our living walls are perfect for creating a hotel environment that is relaxing, healthy, and truly tranquil. When customers go on vacation or even away for a business trip, they want a hotel that enables them to truly unwind. They want to come back from their holiday feeling refreshed and re- energised. This is exactly what our green walls enable your hotel guests to do, as they purify the air and improve acoustics, ensuring a majestic environment for all. That’s without even mentioning the increased biodiversity and the sheer beauty of the wall that makes it great to look at!

    Add a stunning visual statement to your hotel with one of our luscious green walls

    Our beautiful green walls feature stunning foliage and flowers, which can be adapted to suit the season. They’re incredibly easy to maintain, enabling you to have a low-maintenance, natural statement feature within your hotel. This is something that will attract guests and make your hotel or resort stand out from the competition.

    Enhance your eco credentials and encourage your hotel guests to think green

    Not only do our interior and exterior plant walls look incredible, but they offer plenty of benefits too. This is because they reduce carbon footprint, having a positive impact on the planet and showcasing your business’ eco-friendly ethos. Plus, you will encourage your customers to think green! Creating an inspiring and green space for customers is an important step in creating a sustainable future for all. Here at Living Walls UK, we help you to put your best foot forward on this front. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help?

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