What we do

We specialise in the design and installation of interior and exterior living walls across a range of different sectors.

Internal Living Walls

You can create a revitalising and rejuvenating environment in your home or business with one of our incredible living walls.

Exterior Living Walls

Our exterior living walls not only look stunning, they are also easy to maintain and help to reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

Green Walls for Homes

Transform your home into a tranquil, beautiful, and eco-friendly environment with one of our internal or exterior living walls.

Green Walls for Offices

Boost your business’ green credentials and enhance employee health & productivity with our luscious green walls for offices.

Green Roofs

Transform your rooftop into a living, eco-friendly and breathable space with green roofs.

Living Wall Maintenance

Keep your living wall flourishing with expert advice and maintenance from our experienced team.

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