Green Walls for Offices

We design, install and maintain beautiful, statement green walls for offices across many industries.

Boost your business’ green credentials, enhance employee health and productivity, and make a real style statement with our luscious green walls for offices. Whether you’re looking for an interior or exterior plant wall for your business, you won’t be disappointed with our custom plant walls.

Here at Living Walls UK, we have provided our beautiful, statement green walls for offices across many industries, from hospitality to education. Installing plant walls, whether exterior or interior, can help you to build your brand and show that your business is an eco-conscious and ethical one, resulting in loyal consumer relationships that enable your company to flourish.

Green walls for offices have a whole range of benefits:
  • Promote well-being amongst your staff members and reduce sickness days
  • Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Add a luxury, statement touch to your business premises
  • Boost your brand image and create loyal relationships with consumers
  • Enhance your eco-friendly efforts and showcase your green credentials
  • Help to combat computer emissions and eradicate pollutants
  • Lower noise levels, creating a pleasant and productive work environment

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    Turn your workspace into an uplifting and healthy environment with a plant wall

    An interior plant wall can be used as a green partition for workspaces, creating a much healthier and productive environment. Boasting luscious foliage, our bespoke plant walls will purify the air while also combating those harmful computer emissions. This helps to create a work environment that is a true pleasure for your employees to be in, enabling them to be the most productive version of themselves. Plus, this can help to lower employee absenteeism at your business, further boosting your efficiency levels.

    Boost your business’ green credentials and lower your monthly costs

    By installing green walls in your office space, you boost your company’s green credentials. External plant walls attract butterflies, bees, birds, and such like, helping to attract urban biodiversity. All of this comes together to show that your business is an ethical one. Make a real visual statement to show that this is the case! At the same time, a plant wall will lower your monthly utility and maintenance costs by insulating and protecting your office space. Save money and help the planet, what could be better?

    Enhance your brand image and stand out from the competition

    Customers today care about where they purchase their products from and who they do business with! They want companies who match their beliefs and fight for the same causes that they do. An internal or exterior plant wall makes a bold statement about your business’ ethical values, helping you to attract loyal customers who will become advocates for your company. Plus, we can’t ignore the sheer beauty that these plant walls will add to your office. Why not get in touch to start the process of bringing the benefits of green walls for offices into your business?

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