Hedging Screens

Natural hedging screens create instant privacy all year round with evergreen climbers.

Seamless, natural landscaping meets unparalleled privacy with premium hedging screens. Get peace of mind without compromising on your style. Your choice of evergreen foliage arrives ready-grown and easy to install for a natural solution to creating a private sanctuary in your garden or patio.

Beautify your garden and grant yourself seclusion with this eco-friendly fencing alternative, curated to enhance biodiversity, sound levels and even air quality. All packaged up in a biodegradable coconut fibre container for additional peace of mind.

Benefit from an investment in hedging screens:
  • Optimal privacy ensured with various screen height options
  • Pre-grown and vibrant, instantly enhancing your garden
  • Vital in supporting pollination and enriching local biodiversity
  • Enjoy cleaner air and peace of mind
  • Immerse yourself in nature even in built up areas
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain
  • Ideal backdrop for your patio or picnic spot
  • Enhanced perimeter security for added reassurance

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    Hedging Screens

    Year-round seclusion with hedging screens

    Evergreen garden hedge screens provide a vibrant pop of colour to your garden no matter the time of year. This natural barrier shields your space from prying eyes and external noise, allowing you to relax and unwind in total privacy. Whether you’re looking for a formal hedge, a decorative border or a windbreak, choose from a selection of sizes and plants to create a bespoke hedging screen for your space.

    “I have recently had a living wall installed in my garden by Living Walls UK and I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done! I would highly recommend Living Walls UK.”

    Steven Richardson, Domestic Customer

    Hedging Screens

    Transform your outdoor space

    An increasingly popular option for homeowners and businesses alike, hedging screens can transform your concrete jungle into a living, breathing outdoor space. Naturally sound absorbent with air purifying qualities, these privacy plants can help you create a tranquil oasis in any outdoor space.

    Hedging Screens

    Fostering a future for local wildlife

    For a sustainable garden screening option, look no further than hedging screens. Opting for a hedging screen over a standard fence not only creates a stylish look and feel for your garden. It also fosters biodiversity, enticing beneficial pollinators to your garden, like bees and butterflies. Furthermore, every part of your screen is sourced or grown sustainably, from the plants to the coconut fibre pot it arrives in.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a hedge and a screen?

    While hedges are defined as a boundary formed by closely growing bushes and shrubbery, a hedging screen features a variety of climbing plants up a frame, allowing for a precise height and width. A living green screen is an alternative to standard garden fencing, which incorporates real evergreen foliage to create privacy and establish a border. Living green screens arrive ready-grown and can be planted directly in the ground. We provide posts and brackets to ensure solid anchoring of the screen, and they can also be fixed to walls using a wall bracket.

    How do you screen a garden?

    If your home is near a road, a neighbours house or in an urban area, screening provides a sense of seclusion without compromising open-air freedom. One way to screen a garden is using hedging screens around the boundary, providing privacy from prying eyes that softens noise and seamlessly blends in with the natural aesthetics of your space.

    How do you make an ivy screen?

    Our ivy screens arrive ready-grown, so there’s no need to DIY it. We entwine a climbing plant like ivy through a galvanised steel grid, creating a solid living wall of foliage for maximum privacy. As the steel grids are a certain height, your ivy stops growing at that height, allowing for growth control and easy maintenance.

    How much does a green screen fence system cost?

    Choose from a selection of plants for your hedging screen, including types of ivy – a popular, evergreen choice. If you’d like to know more about the types of plans available for garden screening, get in touch with the team for a quick quote and we’ll be more than happy to help.

    How much does a hedging screen cost?

    Depending on the size of screen you need and the type of plants you want to use, the price of hedging screens varies. We allow for fully customisable screens, and so prices are available on a quote basis. Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote!

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