Living Wall Maintenance

Keep your living wall flourishing with expert advice and maintenance from our experienced team.

With years of experience designing and maintaining living walls across all sectors in the UK, our maintenance team knows how to keep your living wall thriving. Our horticulturally-led maintenance procedures and regular inspections ensure your living wall plants and irrigation systems are always in perfect condition.

Maintaining your living wall not only improves the overall appearance of your greenery, but it also promotes new growth, guaranteeing long-lasting visual and performance impact for your home or business. We regularly get out and about to check out how our handiwork is coming along, so your investment is always in safe hands.

Regular living wall maintenance means:
  • Our green-thumbed maintenance team performs regular visual inspections
  • 95% of your wall coverage will have live plants at all times
  • A beautifully manicured lush and vibrant appearance
  • Protection for your investment, ensuring continued environmental benefits
  • You’ll always get advice notice ahead of our team’s arrival
  • Secure peace of mind that your foliage is healthy
  • Extra support for keeping up with hard-to-reach vegetation
  • Bespoke advice tailored to your plants and wall location

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    Spruce up your space with green wall maintenance

    Invest in regular maintenance and preserve the beauty and functionality of your living wall all year round. Our team specialises in nurturing and revitalising living and moss walls that need a little TLC. Not only can a professional maintenance survey help your focal point walls look their best, but it’ll also maximise their carbon reduction, heat insulation and sound-proofing effects.

    “I have recently had a living wall installed in my garden by Living Walls UK and I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done! I would highly recommend Living Walls UK.”

    Steven Richardson, Domestic Customer

    Protecting the home of local wildlife

    Living wall maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving and enhancing biodiversity in urban areas. We’ll work with you to create a careful pruning, watering and fertilisation programme that creates optimal conditions for plants, birds and insects to thrive – even in built-up areas. The rich tapestry of vegetation in your living wall attracts key pollinators that promote resilience to environmental changes, and we can help keep them coming back.

    Easy-to-maintain living walls

    When you invest in a living wall from our team, we’ll advise you on the maintenance level of the plants and how to care for your wall. Every living wall comes with a fully automated irrigation system by design that maintains moisture in the growing felt medium, ensuring plants are watered the perfect amount. We’ll regularly check your irrigation system so your living wall can keep thriving, and you don’t have to deal with the hosepipe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are living walls high maintenance?

    Green walls will always require some maintenance because they are living systems. Actual living plants will always need monitoring, pruning and grooming. That’s why at Living Walls UK, we provide continual support from installation to maintenance. All of our living walls include automated irrigation as standard, and fertiliser can be added through this system for ease.

    How often should you water a living wall?

    Our living walls are watered by a built-in irrigation system, which is set up to slowly release water for maximum uptake and minimal waste. The amount of water living walls require varies greatly depending on the types of plants you use, whether the walls are indoors or out and seasonality, which is why we recommend our irrigation system.

    If you choose not to have an irrigation system installed for whatever reason, you can water your living wall manually by hand once or twice a week depending on weather conditions. A watering can or hose with a spray attachment will allow you the best amount of precision. You should water from the top and allow the water to trickle down the wall.

    Do living walls need sunlight?

    As with all living plants, the plants on your living wall will require some natural sunlight to survive. During your initial consultation with our advisors, we’ll work with you to choose a position for your green wall that gets natural sunlight, but also to consider the light intensity and possible shading. Depending on the amount of natural light in your chosen space, we can also advise on types of foliage to include on your wall. For outdoor plants, living green screens are an excellent, low maintenance option.

    Do living walls create damp?

    When a living wall is properly installed and maintained, it will not allow for moisture build up, damp or mould. This is the same for our green roofs, too!

    Why do I need professional maintenance?

    While many plants in your home or office can get away with occasional water, living walls require the proper amount of attention and care to ensure they look and work as expected. Our experienced handlers will regularly check in on your walls, giving time to inspect, prune and clean the plants, as well as maintain your irrigation system.

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