Green Roofs

Transform your rooftop into a living, eco-friendly and breathable space with green roofs.

Elevate your property with our green roofs, transforming rooftops into lush, eco-friendly spaces that purify the air, regulate temperatures, and also offer aesthetic and sustainable benefits for homes or businesses.

Green roofs are innovative roofing solutions that incorporate vegetation, such as sedum and wildflowers, to create a living, breathing roof surface. These systems not only enhance the aesthetic value of buildings but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.

Green roofs have a whole range of benefits:
  • Turn rain into a resource for your garden
  • Bring nature closer by stimulating biodiversity
  • Enjoy a quieter space with natural sound absorption
  • Extend your roof’s life and save on future costs
  • Make a real style statement in your home or office
  • Boost your property’s value effortlessly
  • Improve solar panel efficiency, cutting energy costs
  • Leverage financial incentives for an affordable upgrade

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    Breathe easier and save on energy with a living roof

    One of the standout advantages of green roofs is their ability to improve air quality by reducing CO2 levels and capturing fine particles. Furthermore, they contribute to energy efficiency by providing natural insulation, thus lowering heating and cooling costs. This makes green roofs an attractive option for environmentally conscious businesses and homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy expenses.

    “I have recently had a living wall installed in my garden by Living Walls UK and I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done! I would highly recommend Living Walls UK.”

    Steven Richardson, Domestic Customer

    Transform your roof into a haven for wildlife

    Green roofs play a crucial role in enhancing biodiversity by providing habitats for various species. The integration of sedum, wildflowers, and grasses attracts beneficial insects like bees, which are vital for pollination and the overall health of local ecosystems. This not only contributes to the environmental health of an area but also beautifies the space, making it more appealing to clients and residents.

    Harness rainwater and give your roof a longer life

    Green roofs excel in managing rainwater, reducing runoff and easing the load on drainage systems, while also storing water for the plants. Additionally, by shielding the roofing material from UV rays and temperature fluctuations, green roofs can significantly extend the life of a roof. This benefit is particularly appealing for property owners interested in long-term sustainability and cost savings.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of buildings can support a green roof?

    Most flat or slightly sloping roofs up to a 10-degree angle can support a green roof system.

    How does a green roof contribute to biodiversity?

    By providing a habitat for a variety of native plants and wildlife, especially pollinators like bees.

    Is a green roof difficult to maintain?

    Our roofs are designed to be low maintenance, especially systems like MobiRoof ECO that are pre-planted and ready to use.

    What system do you use?

    Living Walls employs the MobiRoof ECO system for their roofs. This modular system features pre-vegetated cassettes with a mix of sedum, therefore, offering an easy-to-install, low-maintenance solution for transforming roofs into eco-friendly spaces. As a result, it enhances aesthetics, supports biodiversity, and contributes to environmental sustainability.

    Are there financial incentives for installing a green roof?

    Many regions offer subsidies, tax breaks, and other incentives to encourage the installation of green roofs.

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