Living Walls for Offices & Workplaces

Our living walls for offices & workplaces create a productive, inspiring, and healthy working environment for your employees. Our luscious, green plant walls will boost air quality and reduce noise to ensure that your staff members have the perfect working space while also reducing employee absenteeism in the process.

Here at Living Walls UK, we are delighted to help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a healthy and efficient work setting for their employees. We have worked with many companies, across different industries, to help them increase employee morale, boost their green credentials, and enhance their bottom line with our living walls for offices & workplaces.

Benefits associated with living walls for offices and workplaces:
  • Improve the overall look of your office space, creating a real statement that sets your business apart
  • Boost your eco-efforts and your brand’s green credentials
  • Ensure your employees benefit from a clean, pure work environment
  • Enhance productivity levels, which will ultimately improve your bottom line
  • Ensure air quality is high and noise levels are low
  • Encourage biodiversity and take one step closer to neutral carbon footprint

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    Increase staff morale by installing a bespoke living wall

    There has been plenty of research into the impact of plants in the workplace, helping to create a clean, inspiring environment whereby your staff can produce their best work. By having one of our internal living walls installed, the air in the office will be purified and the noise levels will reduce, creating the perfect workplace for all employees, irrespective of the industry you operate in. This will increase morale levels while reducing employee sick days at the same time, all of which has a positive impact on staff retention and your bottom line.

    Add a stunning visual statement to your office with a plant wall

    Not only do our plant walls boost air quality, but they look incredible too, creating a real statement in your office that will set your business apart from the crowd. What better what to put your best foot forward when it comes to achieving your eco goals? You will encourage biodiversity while also lowering your carbon footprint - a must for companies today.

    Living Walls UK installs bespoke living walls that are right for your business

    With our level of expertise in the industry, you can be sure of an internal plant wall that is right for your needs. We will carry out an air quality test to determine the best place to position the wall so that you can extract the maximum benefits. Tests can be carried out before and after the wall installation so you can see the true difference. To find out more or start the discussion on how to reap the benefits of living walls for offices and workplaces, simply get in touch with our team today.

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