Living Walls for Schools & Universities

Enhance your student’s learning environment with one of our luscious, eco-friendly living walls for schools & universities. Create a space that you can be proud of; somewhere that inspires learning and boosts the local community. From teaching primary students about nature to improving the air quality, the benefits are extensive.

With educational institutions requiring a neutral carbon footprint by 2025, Living Walls UK has the perfect solution for you. Reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet with one of our internal or external living walls for schools & universities. Lower noise, improve biodiversity, reduce urban temperatures, and eradicate air pollutants.

Benefits associated with living walls for schools & universities:
  • Improve the overall sense of well-being and boost productivity amongst students
  • Lower noise, creating a better place for students to learn
  • Improve biodiversity and boost your institution’s image
  • Children can learn about nature with a hands-on approach
  • Enhance air quality so that students and focus their minds

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    Use interactive living walls to help children learn about nature

    Our living walls are great for getting the children involved. You can let them plant up the green wall or they can even grow their own plants to put into the wall. This interactive experience can set your school apart, while also giving students the best possible way of learning about nature. After all, a hands-on approach is better for a lot of children. You can use an interior or exterior living wall as the focal point of your learning experience when it comes to food chains, nature, biodiversity, and the world around us.

    Improve air quality so students have the perfect learning environment

    Not only do our luscious green walls enable students to have an interactive learning experience, but they ensure they have the perfect working environment as well. This is because plants boost the air quality around us, creating a much healthier place of study. They also have exceptional sound absorption qualities. All of these benefits come together to ensure that your students can focus their minds and be the most productive versions of themselves.

    Protect your building and boost your institution’s brand image

    The benefits keep coming when it comes to our interior and exterior living walls. They can also help to protect your building facade from the elements. Plus, they look incredible too, enabling your school or university to stand out from the competition. You also boost the green credentials of your educational institution, showing parents, students, and the local community that your college, school, or university cares about the environment and has good ethics.

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