Living Walls for Showrooms

If you’re looking to create maximum visual impact for your customers, our living walls for showrooms are a perfect way to do so! For showrooms, it is all about creating that wow factor and impressing people from the off, and that’s exactly what a beautiful and elegant plant wall enables you to do.

We have a stunning selection of flowers and foliage for you to choose from, enabling us to create living walls for showrooms that are not only modern and sleek but will ensure a lasting impression on anyone who steps into the showroom. No matter what products you’re showing off, a plant wall from Living Walls UK enhances the environment and shows your business’ commitment to going green.

Benefits associated with living walls for showrooms:
  • Green walls have the wow factor, impressing anyone who steps foot into your showroom
  • Create an instant visual impact and have a great base for promotions and marketing events
  • Standout from the competition and give your business a competitive edge
  • Adding natural elements to your showroom makes it more relaxing for customers, ensuring they feel at ease
  • Show your commitment to going green and boost your eco-efforts
  • Lower business expenses by benefitting from natural insulation
  • Reduce noise levels if you operate in a busy city environment
  • Enjoy ease of maintenance, as the drainage and irrigation are concealed within

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    Make a statement in your showroom with a beautiful internal plant wall

    Showrooms are all about making a lasting impression on those who see them. Whether you’re selling home accessories or pieces of art, it’s about wowing people from the moment they step through the front door. Therefore, not only do you need to consider the products you’re showcasing, but the environment itself. That’s where beautiful plant walls come in! Boasting luscious green foliage and vibrant or neutral flowers, you can create a showroom that captivates your audience and helps to boost conversions.

    An internal plant wall helps you to take a big step forward in your sustainability efforts

    All businesses have a responsibility to do their bit for the planet. A living wall helps you to take a big step forward in this regard, as you will encourage biodiversity while also benefitting from a natural insulation system in your premises. This will lower your reliance on non-renewable energy, meaning you can reduce your energy bills in the process, which is great news for everyone.

    Plants walls from Living UK are easy to maintain

    A lot of people assume that plant walls are going to be a bit of a nightmare in terms of maintenance, but this could not be further from the truth. As the irrigation and drainage is concealed within, you have a clean and easy way of looking after your gorgeous natural wall feature.

    If you’re interested in bringing the benefits of a living wall into your showroom, we could help design and install the perfect plant wall. Simple get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your living wall.

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