Mobilane Living Green Screens

Natural and stylish greenery meets instant privacy with our Mobilane green screens.

Create a secluded garden vista with an instant living green screen: a natural privacy screen consisting of a steel grid entwined with lush climbing plants. An eco-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on style, simply mount the ready-grown shrubbery in your garden, sit back and relax.

The ultimate eco-friendly privacy fencing, this living wall screen is grown in a biodegradable container made from coconut fibres, and contains a choice of foliage designed to promote biodiversity and air purification and can be planted all year round.

Discover the benefits of Mobilane living green screens:
  • Unbeatable privacy with a choice of screen heights
  • Ready-grown and green for instant use in your garden
  • Play a crucial role in pollination and enhanced local biodiversity
  • Breathe easy with improved air quality
  • Get lost in nature, even in an urban setting
  • Easier to maintain than a standard fence
  • The perfect patio or picnic area backdrop
  • Put your mind at ease with improved perimeter security

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    Mobilane Living Green Screens garden

    Instant, established living green screen

    Green screens arrive fully grown at your specified height, giving you immediate privacy in your outdoor sanctuary. No need to wait around for your shrubs to grow, you can easily and quickly install your screen year-round. Furthermore, you’ll have a choice of evergreen climbing plants, ensuring ultimate peace and seclusion even during the winter months.

    “I have recently had a living wall installed in my garden by Living Walls UK and I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done! I would highly recommend Living Walls UK.”

    Steven Richardson, Domestic Customer

    Mobilane Living Green Screens privacy

    Protect your privacy

    Not only are living green screens a more natural, easy to maintain alternative to standard garden fences or hedges, they also boast significant sound absorption benefits, resulting in a quieter space you can relax in. The high sound insulation paired with thick, lucious foliage creates a convenient and stylish way to block out the noise of the busy street outside and the neighbours.

    Mobilane Living Green Screens

    Sustainable solution in support of local biodiversity

    Every part of the green screen is sustainably sourced or grown, from the ivy and other foliage, down to the biodegradable coconut fibre pot it arrives in. By replacing your standard fence with a green screen, you’re also creating a healthier environment that attracts insects like bees and butterflies. These key pollinators ensure the reproduction and development of our flora, providing food and shelter to local wildlife.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a living green screen for gardening?

    A living green screen is an alternative to standard garden fencing, which incorporates real evergreen foliage to create privacy and establish a border. Living green screens arrive ready-grown and can be planted directly in the ground. We provide posts and brackets to ensure solid anchoring of the screen, and they can also be fixed to walls using a wall bracket.

    Mobilane green screen vs fence - which is best?

    Fences tend to take more maintenance than mobilane green screens as they require regular upkeep to ensure the wood stays in good condition. They’re also more prone to damage and vandalism such as graffiti. Living green screens on the other hand stay vibrant all year round with minimal maintenance, are natural air purifiers and can bring a plethora of wildlife to your garden. Overall, living green screens are a favourable alternative to a classic fence.

    If you’re looking to add a decorative focal point to your interior or exterior walls, our living walls and green walls are excellent choices.

    What plants are available for the green screen panels?

    There’s a selection of plants available for your green screen. For example Hedera helix Woerner is a hardy dark green ivy that’s durable year-round. Pyracantha Dart’s Red feature non-poisonous red berries in the winter followed by a spring flourish of white flowers for an extra pop of colour. Our team is happy to advise on the different types of plants available. choose a position for your green wall that gets natural sunlight, but also to consider the light intensity and possible shading. Depending on the amount of natural light in your chosen space, we can also advise on types of foliage to include on your wall.

    How much does a mobilane green screen fence system cost?

    The cost of a green screen varies depending on the size of panels you require and the types of plants you want. To allow for a fully customisable green screen, get in touch for more information and a competitive quote.

    What size is the green screen?

    You can choose from the following sizes to suit your space and needs (sizes below are w x h, in cm):
    120 x 100
    120 x 155
    120 x 180
    120 x 200
    120 x 220
    120 x 300

    While there is a selection of heights available, you can also plant the products next to one another in your garden to create a wider privacy screen.

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