Green Walls for Homes

Transform your home into a tranquil, beautiful, and eco-friendly environment with our green walls for homes.

Transform your home into a tranquil, beautiful, and eco-friendly environment with one of our internal or external living walls. Our green walls for homes create a real style statement, with their luscious green foliage and unique design, while also bringing health benefits and cost savings.

Here at Living Walls UK, we’re delighted to design stunning green walls for homes of all sizes and styles. No matter your architecture style, you can be sure that one of our natural plant walls will look incredible. From single-storey villas to high-rise apartment blocks, we have provided our service for many different property types across the country.

Green walls for homes have a whole range of benefits:
  • Create a stunning internal or external living wall design feature
  • Add a vertical garden if you have a small home with limited space
  • Insulate and protect your property while reducing expenses
  • Boost your property value
  • Standout from other properties in the area
  • Improve the air quality of your home with an interior plant wall

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    A true style statement, which will boost your home’s saleability and value

    We pride ourselves in creating stunning statement plant walls, with both interior and exterior options available. Irrespective of which option you go for, you can be sure of a dramatic yet elegant addition to your residential property. No matter the season, you will have beautiful plants and foliage that will brighten up the space, making your property a true pleasure to be in. From corridors to patios, you can transform boring spaces into works of art with one of our living plant walls.

    Enjoy a number of health benefits with our green walls for homes

    Not only do our external and internal plant walls look incredible, but they bring a number of health benefits to your home. Our internal green plant walls will purify the air, which means the air quality within your home will increase significantly. This creates a much more relaxing and peaceful environment, enabling you to find a tranquil sanctuary within your home after a difficult day. Your overall feeling of wellbeing will significantly enhance once you have had one of our green walls installed in your home.

    A striking plant wall will also enable you to lower your monthly expenses

    One thing a lot of people are shocked to discover is that they are able to save money every month once they have had a plant wall installed in their home. This is because exterior plant walls work wonders in terms of insulation and protecting your property from the elements. This, in turn, means that savings can be made when it comes to maintaining your property and in terms of your monthly utility bills.

    Interested in reaping the benefits of green walls for homes in your own space? Why not get in touch with our team. We could help you plan the perfect green wall for your space.

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