25 Mar 2024London Docks, United Kingdom

Project details

Installed with precision and care, this masterpiece stands five meters tall and boasts over 1,000 thriving plants. Not only does it redefine the entrance to DPD’s building, but it also significantly reduces the carbon footprint while providing a visually stunning experience for visitors and workers alike.

The DPD Living Wall is more than just a vertical garden – it’s a living, breathing testament to the power of greenery in urban environments. With meticulous planning and expert craftsmanship, we hand-selected a diverse array of plants to create a vibrant ecosystem that purifies the air and promotes biodiversity. Each plant plays a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen, helping DPD take meaningful steps towards sustainability.

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  • Living wall situated in the entrance of DPD
  • Freestanding structure
  • Average height of 5m
  • Over 1,000 included

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