Schneider Electric

08 May 2024Leeds, United Kingdom

Project details

An exciting project we’ve been working on in the heart of Leeds City Centre – Our team has partnered with Schneider Electric to transform their office space, showcasing our joint commitment to sustainability and positive change.

Schneider Electric’s office is now home to an impressive installation of 4,500 plants, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors alike. This transformation speaks volumes about our shared dedication to making Leeds a greener and more sustainable city.

We are so happy that Schneider Electric joined forces with us to create greener and more inviting spaces in our beloved city. Together, we’re making remarkable strides towards achieving net-zero goals and fostering a healthier, more sustainable future.

If you’re looking to transform your office with a Living Wall that leaves a lasting impression, contact us today. Let’s collaborate and bring to life a greener, more welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!


  • Living wall situated at a Leeds City Centre office building
  • Includes over 4,500 plants
  • Demonstrates Schneider’s dedication to reducing carbon footprint and fostering biodiversity

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