York Minster Refectory

25 Mar 2024York, United Kingdom

Project details

We installed a living wall outside of the York Minster Refectory, situated beside York Minster. Commissioned with a dual purpose—to provide thermal insulation and to serve as an enchanting backdrop for diners—the living wall stands as a testament to sustainable design and natural beauty.

Over 3,000 plants weave together to form a stunning tapestry, transforming the restaurant’s terrace. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the living wall plays a vital role in fostering biodiversity, attracting pollinators and enriching the local ecosystem.

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  • Living Wall situated at the Refectory next to the beautiful York Minster
  • Featuring over 3,000 plants, including a variety of pollinating species
  • Around 620,000 visitors come to see York Minster per year

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